A series of galleries (and more) to show the photos of Japan by Ed Kaspar.

The photos of Japan featured here were taken in 1996-1999 and the information is current for these dates. Ed's Photos of Japan is now considered a completed project and I've moved on to take photos in other countries. To see my work in other places, please visit:

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Tokyo Literature, politics,
food and fashion in
Tokyo High Culture


Scenery Common and
not so common
Japanese People
Spectacular (yet everyday)
Japanese Scenery
All the "secret places" of that
big, sexy city exposed in the
Sapporo Challenge
Lots of gunplay, broken necks,
and death by choking at
A Japanese New Year
Hollywood explosions, naked
people with torches, cops,
mafiosos, and pancakes at the
Sun Festival
An exclusive look at
a private, traditional
Japanese Wedding
All Cherry The famous Japanese
season of the
Cherry Blossom
The adrenaline, the comraderie,
the slaughter of thousands in
All Out War
Snow The ultra hyped,
much loved and
extremely boring
Snow Lantern Festival